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Outdoor Markings playing a huge part in keeping kids Active and Safe
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Thermoplastic playground markings for schools & nursery

Thermoplastic markings are a fantastic way of adding a little bit of fun to your school or nursery playground. Not only do they mean less time spent cleaning up mess, but they also provide an opportunity for children to express their creativity and work together as a team. We can supply thermoplastic playground markings in all shapes and sizes so you can choose the one that’s right for your school or nursery!

What are the benefits of school thermoplastic playground markings?

There are many benefits to installing markings on your school’s play area. For starters, the markings can enhance play and learning for children. They provide a fun, stimulating environment that helps children learn new skills and explore their creativity. In addition, the markings make it easier for school staff to supervise the school yard and ensure safety. The markings are also durable and easy to install, making them a popular choice among schools.

How do school and nurseries playground markings enhance play and learning?

Markings are a great way to enhance play and learning in schools. They are more advanced than traditional paint, and they save installers time and cause the least amount of interruption to the school. In addition, many of our markers can be distributed right away, allowing for easy installation by installers.
The markings on a play area can help children of all abilities to use their minds and play together. Our specialists design traditional games to meet your needs and make the play area unique. With our in-house creative department, we have the resources needed to design bespoke school markings that are both exciting and safe.

What are the different types of school markings?

There are five types of markings: bespoke logos, office building markings, parking bay lines, road traffic markings and mile a day. Each type has its own unique benefits that can enhance play and learning.
Bespoke logos are designed specifically for your school and can be made free of charge with no obligation. The cost of having thermoplastic play area graphics applied will vary depending on the design and amount chosen, but it is an affordable option for nearby schools that are updating their yards with new designs.


Hopscotch is the game that requires no equipment, making it a great choice for outdoor play. It’s also an ideal activity for children to enjoy during the summer months when they’re able to spend more time outside.

Thermoplastic provides excellent traction when wet or dry so even if there’s rain forecast in your area then our markings will still be usable even though they’ll look much better than standard asphalt ones would have done under such conditions

Hopscotch involves using a pattern of squares drawn on the ground with chalk or other material, which can then be used as a guide for players who are using their feet or hands (or some combination of both) to move around in different ways. The point of hopscotch is simply to hop from one square to another without stepping on any other squares in between them; this may sound easy enough but once you get into it there are many possible variations on how best to go about actually achieving your goal!

Snakes and Ladders

Snakes and Ladders is a game of luck that is played with dice and counters. The goal of the game is to reach the top of a ladder, and slide down each snake into one’s “home” square. The first player who gets back to his/her home square wins!

The game works best when there are multiple snakes on each side, so you can choose which route will get you back to your own area faster!


Trail is a path that is used for walking or running. It can also be used as a generic term for any kind of linear feature, including tracks and paths, which share the characteristics of being man-made and created for people to use. A trail can also be used as a recreational activity that involves hiking or walking through an area with minimal development on foot.

Football Pitch

If you’re wondering about the best way to mark up your football pitch, you’ll want to keep in mind that there’s no right order for putting down the lines and other markings as long as they are easy for players/teachers/parents/etc to see! So, start at one end of the pitch and work your way across each line or marking until it’s complete. It doesn’t matter whether or not you start with goal line markings – just remember that this is what people will judge when they come watch their children play football!

Basketball (or other) Court

Basketball court markings are used to mark out a basketball court. Basketball courts are used for playing basketball and other sports such as netball, tennis and volleyball.

Basketball court markings should be positioned in a way that allows players enough space to move around freely without having to make contact with other players or the edge of the court. A typical size for an outdoor basketball court is 18 metres long by 9 metres wide, this gives you plenty of room for play without being too big or too small!

What are the dimensions of a school playground?

When it comes to markings, there are a few things you need to take into account. The dimensions of the area will vary depending on the age group of children who will be using it. For example, younger children will require less space than older ones. In addition, our prices include VAT on domestic products, with a delivery charge added to other orders.
We offer free site visits so that you can see the product before you buy it and get expert advice on how to make the most of your markings. We also provide logos and markings that can enhance play and learning. Get in touch today to find out more!

How much does it cost to install school playground markings?

The cost of installing plastic markings will depend on the type and amount of design you choose. There are two different types of play markings which can be added to your site: thermoplastic play area graphics, or replacement or relining of any existing designs to refresh them.

How long do school markings last?

Markings can come in a variety of different forms, but one of the most popular types is thermoplastic. This type of marking is made from durable and heat-resistant plastic that is melted onto the surface and then cooled to create a hard and long-lasting finish.
There are many factors that will affect how long your markings will last. The amount of traffic the area receives, the weather conditions in your area, and how well you maintain your markings all play a part. On average, markings should last for around 8-10 years before they need to be replaced.

What is the best material for school yards?

When it comes to play ground markings, there is no one-size-fits-all material. Different surfaces require different types of markings, and the best material for school markings will depend on the type of surface you have.
For example, if you have a tarmac surface, then thermoplastic designs would be a great option. These designs are fun, safe, and healthy ways to teach children social skills and road safety. They can be applied with heat or pressure, so they are easy to install and can last for up to 4 years.
If your marking has already been installed and you’re looking for a way to replace or cover up any existing graphic designs that may have faded or become damaged, then relining is an option worth considering. This process involves applying a new layer of thermoplastic over the old markings, which will restore their original look and extend their lifespan by another 4 years.
The best material for markings is one that offers a full 4 year warranty. Bespoke Logos offer this level of protection, as well as free site visits and the best quality materials available on the market today.

How can school play markings be used to teach children?

Markings can be used to teach children about social skills, road safety, and healthy lifestyles. They can also help reinforce lessons that are being taught in the classroom. For example, graphics can be used to teach kids about traffic signs and symbols. This will help them learn the meanings of these signs more quickly and easily.
Additionally, thermoplastic graphics can be used to teach kids about good nutrition and physical activity. These markings can help promote a healthy lifestyle by showing children how to make healthy choices when it comes to food and exercise.
If your school is interested in using markings to educate children, we would be happy to provide you with a free consultation. We can discuss the various designs that are available and help you choose the ones that best suit your needs.

What are the health and safety benefits of school markings?

School markings are an important part of a safe and fun play environment. They can prevent injuries, promote a positive play environment, attract visitors to your business, and have attractive signage.
Markings are easier to install than other types of signs or obstacles. The most popular markings are arrows since they’re common symbols for sports activities like archery etc.

How can markings be used to encourage physical activity?

School markings can be used to encourage physical activity in a number of ways. One way is by using the traditional category of products, which includes sports items such as sport marks or sporting field layouts. These markings help children participate in PE lessons and grow in their enjoyment of physical activity. In addition, there are 3D games, trails, letter games, number games and grids as well as board games, educational items, characters and objects to choose from as part of the product range.
Another way that markings can be used to encourage physical activity is through the use of the “sports” category. This category includes a wide variety of products for different activities like netball, football or hockey. With so many options available, schools can find something to suit every child’s interests and abilities. The best part is that these markings can be used not only during PE lessons but also at break times and lunchtimes!

Bespoke Surface Markings

Schools are a vital part of our community, and it’s important that they have adequate markings to enhance play and learning. Our products are manufactured from high quality thermoplastic, a material that looks fantastic due to the bright, vibrant colours and unique designs.

Thermoplastic colour playground markings range

School markings can come in a variety of colors and designs, but all surfaces must meet the requirements of BS EN 1176 and 1177. The primary motivation for installing these markings is safety, which has been a focus throughout our work. Markings can be installed quickly and easily, meaning there is less disruption for the school. They are also a cheaper alternative to wood – no extra space needed, just some sand and water. The product saves installers time on site with very little fuss – it can be applied at temperatures as low as 4 degrees Celsius! Plastic markings are quick and easy to install, making them one of the most popular items on our list.

Playground signs and thermoplastic line marking designs

When it comes to surface markings, there are a lot of different options to choose from. You can go with traditional game lines like hopscotch and number grids, or you can get creative with fun designs and shapes. Whatever you choose, make sure to contact a graphic installer for the best results.

Playground Markings – Site surveys which identify any potential obstacles which might prevent a successful installation.


Whether you are designing a playground, a bespoke presentation or a community project, we can help.

We offer up to a 10 Year guarantee* on all of our Thermoplastic markings – *subject to surface condition.

Our Anti-Slip Thermoplastic Markings have been especially formulated and SATRA tested up to a million cycles.

Got a playground project in mind?
Talk to the leading UK specialists in Playground Markings for Schools.

Playground Markings – Site surveys which identify any potential obstacles which might prevent a successful installation.

Transform your playground

Our products are manufactured from high quality thermoplastic, a material that looks fantastic in the playground due to the bright, vibrant colours and unique designs.

Our staff have unrivalled experience, having successfully installed markings in over 1500 junior and Primary schools throughout the UK and Europe.

Our experience tells us that individual schools have very different individual requirements. As a consequence, our skills, combined with the flexibility of the thermoplastic material means we are able to create bespoke designs to any specification on any tarmac surface.

Guarantees and Price Promise

Our research tells us that our prices are competitive in the market place and our price promise holds us to this. We will endeavour to match any like for like quotation without compromising the quality of service or product.

There are many suppliers of these types of markings within the UK, however very few, if any, offer the guarantees and after sales service that Project Playgrounds offer.

If you are considering playground markings you need look no further than Project Playgrounds, for an all-round service which includes a free site survey, a comprehensive to scale playground design, followed by a superb installation and great after sales service guaranteed.

Making the most of the space available

Some schools are luckier than others when it comes to playground space. Quite often markings are put into play areas without any real consideration for the children who will use them.

We adopt the view that the playground should be an extension of the classroom; orderly, well laid out, colourful, and most importantly, making correct use of the space available so that the children are not on top of each other whilst at play.

We apply this philosophy to all our playground designs, big or small, and to this end we provide accurate drawings along with our quotations, to illustrate exactly where your proposed markings will be featured within your play areas.



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