Design and Layout Service

We have a dedicated team of graphic designers who have extensive product knowlege. Upon your direction and with your customers product selection or recommendation, we will provide a to scale satalite drawing of the playground with all markings positioned exactly where specified. You can then submit this drawing to your customer along with your quotation for approval. The cost of this service is £75.00 plus VAT with up to 4 revisions.

Bespoke Markings

If your customer has a specific requirement for a bespoke marking not featured on this web site, all you need do is send us the artwork. We will then redraw the marking, sign or logo so that it can be reproduced in a Thermoplastic form for you to install. Once we have completed the design we will send it to you along with a quotation to manufacture for your customer approval. Upon approval we will then manufacture the design and deliver it to you. The cost of this design service is £95.00 plus VAT with up to 4 revisions.

Quotations may vary slightly from those prices quoted in the 'Surface Branding' section of this web site due to amount of detail required in the design.

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